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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Stephen + Nicki | Hillcrest Baptist Wedding!

We cannot express how honored we were to be doing Stephen & Nicki’s wedding. They are such amazing people; Christ has done amazing things in their hearts and in their relationship. Their ultimate goal of their entire wedding, in every stage of its planning, was to glorify God in every little detail- from the order of the ceremony to the bridesmaids dresses, from their unity sand to the song that played as they walked out of the church. Originally, right after Stephen proposed, Nicki wanted to incorporate chocolate and sky blue into their wedding colors, but after attending a wedding where each bridesmaid had picked out their own dress (all in the same color),  Nicki decided she like the eclectic idea and even took it a step further by having each bridesmaid wear a different color. We also really enjoyed shooting this wedding for a completely separate reason: it went very smoothly! Haha… we came away at the end of the reception knowing we got all of the shots Stephen and Nicki had asked for and more. A lot of the shots haven’t even warranted much processing, because the bride and groom gave us enough time to set everything up perfectly. Thanks for letting us capture your wedding day you guys! We love you !


Nicki | Bridal Portraits!

When we took Nicki and Stephen’s engagement portraits, there was one particular shot of them where they were sitting in front of some golden tall-grass. So when it came time to pick a location to shoot Nicki’s bridal portraits, I suggested a field by our school where there was plenty of tall-grass, Nicki was all over the idea. There’s an older brick building next to the field that we took advantage of as well. At the time we took the portraits, Nicki was planning on wearing her glasses in her wedding. As Melissa and I were shooting the portraits, Melissa and Nicki’s Maid of Honor, Laura, encouraged Nicki to take her glasses off for a few of the shots… which turned into almost all of the shots. 🙂  After seeing the portraits, Nicki decided she preferred not to wear glasses and got some contacts; that’s why, in her wedding pictures, Nicki isn’t wearing her glasses.

David | Nation Ford High, Class of 2010!

David was a fun senior to shoot! His sister, Sarah, is [Project: Life]’s makeup artist, so I enjoyed having her and their family there. David plays bass, so we had fun incorporating his bass into the shoot. David’s also in a band, With Open Eyes. They’re getting a lot of publicity and are even traveling out of state fairly regularly. With Open Eyes is even playing at the Alive Festival coming up in Ohio this July! David is graduating from Trinity Christian Academy, Class of 2010. Congratulations David!