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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Oh Life • Isabella Comes Home!

Our sweet newest niece, Isabella Grace Powell (as I’m sure many of you may recall), was born 16 weeks premature at 15.5 oz on March 4th, 2010. She’s been in wonderful care in the NICU at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte for nearly 4 months. Her loving parents (Brian’s brother, Kevin, and our sister-in-law, Beth) have been vigilantly spending as much time as they can by Bella’s little spaceship of a hospital bed. On Father’s Day, Bella got to finally leave the hospital for the very first time and come home to stay! Bella also got to finally meet her big sister, Olivia 🙂

Oh Life • The Nightstand Reveal!

Last week, I finally finished my nightstand I had decided to refurbish (read blog-post below). I gave myself a budget of $10 or less to make my shabby, simple nightstand look more antiquey and artsy to better match my new dresser. Brian and I already had some dark wood stain, which I used a couple coats of to make the color go better with the super dark-wood of our bed. I bought 4 packs of wooden applique’s that I stained to match the nightstand once it had reached the color I wanted. Each pack of applique’s cost a little over $1/each as I bought them on sale. I also bought a new vintage knob for $1.50. I spent around $7 with tax and got a completely new and truly unique piece of furniture out of it. 🙂 SO worth it!!!