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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Josh & Griffin | Train Track Post-Wedding Shoot!

Today we met up with Josh and Griffin to take some portraits! On their wedding day on October 24, 2009, time hadn’t allowed for their photographer to take as many pictures of the two of them as they’d wanted, so Griffin asked us to take some bridal shots as well as some make-up shots of her and Josh. They even brought their sweet puppy, Lola. We really enjoyed this shoot with them! A post-wedding shoot enables you to get shots you wouldn’t normally want to do, since the wedding is already over with. And these two were up for just about anything! We had Griffin hanging off of train cars and everything! Haha… Josh even ran to McDonald’s while we took some bridals of Griffin and brought back sweet tea for everyone. Thanks Josh and Griffin for being such good sports in the heat! You guys were great models and so much fun! Keep checking as we add more of their images over the next few days.

Daniel & Kelsey | Engaged (Louisville, KY)!

What a privilege to get to take engagement photos of one of your best friends ! Kelsey and I have been close friends since the 3rd grade! We were inseparable in high school. Our dads actually went to high school together, so on the night of our high school graduation, Kelsey, myself and both of our fathers gathered for a group picture of the 4 of us, representing 2 generations of friendship between our families!

Now, Kelsey and I grew up in Los Angeles, California. So, why did we take her engagement photos of her and her amazing fiance, Daniel, in Louisville? So glad you asked. Right after our high school graduation, my family moved to South Carolina, and Kelsey’s family moved to Washington state. Kelsey decided to stay and live in California, but last summer (of 2009), Kelsey went up to Washington with some friends to visit her family. They decided, while they were in WA, to visit Mars Hill Church, a very famous church who’s pastor, Mark Driscoll, has written several books and created a world-wide church-planting network ACTS29. After the service Kelsey and her friends visited, Mars Hill threw an ice cream social, where they haphazardly ran into a group of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary guys, on a west-coast-camping road trip. Now, I’ve heard 2 different sides of this story, one from Kelsey and one from Daniel…and there are some discrepancies haha! All I know for sure is that one of Daniel’s friends was perceived by one of Kelsey’s friends to be cutting in line for ice cream, and Kesley’s friend was letting him know just how she felt about that haha! The two groups of friends ended up getting along and even went out to dinner afterwards. Kelsey and her girlfriends returned home to California, and Daniel and his friends returned to Kentucky where their seminary is. They kept in contact over facebook, and Kelsey and Daniel began communicating so frequently that it just became convenient to exchange phone numbers. Feelings beginning to develop, and in October of 2009, Kelsey flew out to Louisville and stayed with some friends the weekend before Brian and my wedding to get to know Daniel in person. Daniel then drove Kelsey 8 hours to Charlotte a few days before our wedding, where I got to have dinner with the 2 of them. I pretty much decided then that if Kelsey didn’t end up marry him, I’d freak out. He’s awesome, and awesome for her! They started dating soon after that, and in April of 2010, Kelsey moved from Los Angeles to Louisville to be near him, so they could seriously pursue a pre-decided short engagement.

Daniel is going to be a chaplain in the US Army when he graduates seminary, and this past June, he had to drive from Louisville to Columbia, SC for a month of training. He stayed with me and Brian the night before training began, since we’re only and hour north of the base where he trained. That’s when he told us his plan to propose and showed us photos of the ring he’d bought. A little over a month later, when his training was over, he and Kelsey flew out to WA state to visit her family. Daniel asked Kelsey’s father’s permission then, and took her back to Mars Hill Church, where they’d met only a little over a year before, and proposed to her there. Their wedding will be this coming October, so Brian and I drove up and spent the weekend with them, helping Kelsey plan. We also got to take their official engagement portraits, as Brian will be photographing their wedding (all by himself, since I will be one of Kelsey’s bridesmaids)!

And then our car broke down on our way home from Kentucky yesterday. Ha… I know. That beautiful, romantic story ends with Brian’s car being totaled and stuck in Tennessee. Oh well! : )


Jake & Stacey | Engaged!

Today we had the pleasure of taking Stacey and Jake’s engagement photos. And I’m not gonna lie… Brian and I were panicking a little on our way to Glencairn Gardens this morning when rain drops began splattering ominously on our windshield. I started praying- hard!- that the rain would hold off… and it did! Almost as soon as we pulled up, the raindrops turned into light mist that couldn’t even touch us as long as we stayed under the trees. Thank you Lord!!!