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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Josh + Linsey | Lake Wedding!

Josh and Linsey’s wedding was one that we had been looking forward to for awhile! Before hiring us as their wedding photographers, Brian had known Linsey and a few members of Josh’s family for many years, as they’d gone to high school together. They met with us for an initial consultation back in the beginning of May to discuss the possibility our photographing their wedding, which normally takes around 30 to 45 minutes… we sat at Starbucks with them for 2 hours! Haha… the four of us had such a great connection and had so much fun discussing Josh and Linsey’s wedding plans. These two planned their entire wedding DIY (do it yourself). They did all of their flowers, table settings, favors and decoration themselves- and it was beautiful!

The ceremony and reception were held at the lakefront home of Josh’s grandparents. The circular driveway faced the lake, with a small sand-bar extending off of the concrete to the water’s edge. Two tall Roman pillars, draped in sheer fabric, anchored the alter in the sand. Linsey walked down the gorgeous stone staircase from the house and down the aisle to an instrumental string version of “Love Story” by Taylor Swift, which really set a romantic tone over the ceremony. The 6:30pm ceremony faced into the sunset, with brilliant oranges and pinks lighting up the sky behind them as they said their vows. All of the elements- the sunset, the decor, and the music- came together perfectly to create a romantic and emotional ceremony. The reception was lovely as well, with formal place settings on alternating black-and-white-draped tables. Linsey’s dance with her father was really fun! They started off slow dancing for the first few seconds until a mixed montage of the Mocarena, Twist-and-Shout, Vanilla Ice, Elvis and many more interrupted them as they switched up their fast-paced dance-steps accordingly. Their wedding was truly a celebration of love, and we had a blast capturing it!


One of my new favorite detail shots ever!

Love that they pulled a "Brian and Melissa" and didn't make the groomsmen get matching suits or tuxes- they all look AWESOME for free 🙂

Walking down the aisle to a string-instrumental version of "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. She got to the aisle right as the first chorus approached- so dramatic!

So we had all these special settings figured out on our cameras and flashes for shooting into the direct sun, and I ended up liking the results better when I just turned the flash off!

We actually pulled them out of the reception to get this one- we do that sometimes, and it always ends up being worth the 2-3 min of sneaking away from their guests.

Linsey | Bridal!

We were super excited about taking Linsey’s bridals for a number of reasons, the biggest reason probably being because Linsey was so excited about us! Haha, when we met with Linsey and her fiancé, Josh, to discuss the possibility of photographing their wedding, she knew the names of all of our brides and had been keeping up with our blog for months. She was what we like to call a “fan.” We LOVE our fans 🙂 We decided to take her bridals at the venue where the ceremony was to be held: the lake-side home of her fiancé’s grandparents. We went a little more high-fashion with Linsey’s portraits than we do with most brides- Linsey used to dance for the NBA Charlotte Bobcats and had some previous modeling experience, so she had a little more edginess to the personality of her images. We are so excited about them!

My favorite!... for some reason. I think it's so expressive and emotional, yet simple at the same time.

We have been DYING to come across a bride with a long veil like this!

Hello Magazine Cover, I think you need to publish this and make us famous. Thanks!

The willow tree adds some drama- love it!

I've also been waiting to copy Southern CA photographer Cassia VanDyke and combine an archway with a cathedral train!

Michael + Amanda | Clebourne House Wedding!

Michael and Amanda’s wedding was, if we had to sum it up in one word, elegant. Amanda’s dress was by far one of our favorites we’ve come across- lots of beading and lace detail that made it truly unique. Their traditional church ceremony at Catawba Baptist in Rock Hill was formally and beautifully decorated with lots of floral design. Oh, and let’s please talk about Michael and Amanda’s flowers for a minute: wow! The bouquets, the floral arrangements and centerpiece designs by Ribald Farms Nursery & Florist were absolutely breath-taking! This wedding wins the award for most amazing flowers by FAR! Their classy reception at Fort Mill’s downtown Clebourne House was so much fun! A live jazz band played timeless hits. And of course the food was incredible: hors d’oeuvres and an oyster bar! It was clear that Michael and Amanda were surrounded by love- which is always the largest factor that determines the fun-level at a wedding. The couple left the reception in style in a limousine, off to their destination honeymoon in the Dominican Republic! Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful wedding day, Michael and Amanda! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Taylor!