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Monthly Archives: January 2011


Today we had the immense pleasure of photographing Nick and Jessica’s wedding at McBryde Hall on the Winthrop University campus. We thoroughly enjoyed shooting their wedding for quite a few reasons. The first reason is that this couple was just plain fun! They were so easy-going and excited during every interaction we had with them throughout the planning process. We met them for dinner at Outback Steakhouse a few weeks before the wedding to go over last-minute details, and we just had an absolute ball with them. Jessica was also ridiculously organized- another reason why we loved being involved with this wedding. She kept up a very steady flow of check-in emails with us throughout the 5 months or so prior to their wedding, she gave us a meticulously detailed itinerary, and everything and everyone was on-time and running like clockwork on their wedding day. There are several other reasons why we loved this wedding, but the final one we will mention here is our favorite: when we first met Nick and Jessica, they told us that they would be doing a “first look!” Ahh! I know! They saw each other before the ceremony… All you southern-bell-brides are either fainting or throwing up as I type, I’m sure šŸ˜‰ But there are so many reasons why this is such a great idea. Obviously, we were not confined by the pressuring time-constraint of getting the newlyweds to their reception by a certain time, so we had a nice long time to accomplish family, bridal party and couples pictures, all before the start of the ceremony. But Nick and Jessica also had a really sweet, intimate and romantic moment- something that a lot of traditional brides think that they won’t have unless they wait to see their groom until they walk down the aisle. Nick waited on a balcony as Brian stood in front of him, snapping photos of Jessica approach him from behind. Jessica gave Nick the OK to turn around while I snapped a frame-by-frame sequence from behind her of his face as he turned and saw his bride standing in front of him. After snapping a few more shots, Brian and I let the bride and groom have some time to laugh, cry, and calm each others nerves. This is something Nick and Jessica wanted from the get-go, and something very few brides here in the south are open to, as it flies in the face of a long-time tradition. The truth is, a first-look can be a meaningful and romantic option- so don’t hate, southern bells šŸ˜‰


Wow… is all I can say. This wedding was: breath-taking. holy. truly love-filled. I’ve never worked harder on a wedding day for a bride and groom who asked so little… DesireĆ© and Geoffrey had been working themselves weary, preparing for and planning their wedding to take place in the southern California city where DesireĆ© grew up. All of this was done from South Carolina, where she’d moved cross-country to be with the man she was marrying. And of course, regardless of every precaution taken (as tends to happen on wedding days), little details here and there would stray from the itinerary and the devil’s attempts to hinder the joy of a God-honoring marriage even resulted in a last-minute, lightning-round trip back to Men’s Warehouse… But regardless of the small inconveniences thrown at them in the last few hours before their wedding, Geoffrey and DesireĆ© both remained unshaken, humble and incredibly appreciative of their friends and family, and joyful in their anticipation of seeing each other at the ceremony of their marriage. Theirs was a joy so deep and grounded in their faith in the Lord, which was displayed prevalently in their ceremony. Not one guest left untouched or unmoved by this union. The setting was incredible, DesireĆ©’s fun and unique taste came together beautifully in the details, and we couldn’t be more honored that this couple chose us to be a part of their wedding day in such a big way! MORE PICTURES TO COME TOMORROW!

DesireƩ bought plain white shoes, and free-hand painted the peacock design on her wedding shoes herself!