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Monthly Archives: April 2011

A Powell Easter

We had a wonderful time relaxing with our families on Easter Sunday. Well… okay, I had a wonderful time relaxing ; ) Brian had to work… boo! But I spent time with my family, attending Easter service at out beloved Remedy Church, and having lunch at my parents’ house with family and a few dear friends who weren’t near their families for Easter. When Brian got off of work, we headed to his parents’ house, where dinner, siblings and two adorable nieces awaited us, ready for pictures! These were all very impromptu- Beth asked me if we could take some photos of the girls and who could pass up a chance to snap shots of the two cutest toddlers on the planet?


…and Olivia : )

Hahaha… Steven and Callie

…”Vogue” it up…

And the best of a very funny series of shots of Kevin, Beth and the girls!


I think, for this whole year, Jeremy and Becca will win the “Graciousness” award- the year is still young, but I doubt any future couples will have opportunity to surpass them, and here’s why: the church Becca and Jeremy booked for their ceremony accidentally double-booked their sanctuary for their wedding, and the church’s Easter play. The night of her rehearsal, Becca was busy figuring out how to cover up the semi-permanent theater display of Easter settings from the Bible: a market place, a jail-cell, and a tomb! And you know what, she rocked it. This couple was so gosh-darn nice and pleasant in the midst of last-minute changes of plans. Becca and her mom found ways to make the decorations work, and the wedding turned out absolutely beautiful! And the whole time, while other brides and grooms may have acted differently, Becca and Jeremy kept their focus on what was really important: the marriage they were entering into. They kept a cheerful demeanor and were a joy to photograph on their wedding day! We are extremely proud of the images we came away with, and are so excited for the newlyweds : ) The couple hosted their reception at Becca’s family barn. Flowers were by Ribald Farms Nursery & Florist!


Becca’s bridal shoot was so much fun- we had planned on going to the Greenway for some outdoorsy, natural shots. The rain, however, had other plans. We ended up being able to shoot inside Becca’s family’s barn where she would host her wedding reception. We dusted off the ‘ole studio light and worked out an indoor session! Lucky for us, Becca’s parents had a collection of antique pianos which proved to be a dream for detail shots : ) Thanks also, to Ribald Farms for the beautiful mini-replica of Becca’s wedding-day bouquet!