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MOST. FUN. SHOOT. ever. We have been acting like little kids all week, anxiously awaiting this shoot! A very special thanks to Josh and Linsey, one of our couples whose wedding we shot in September of 2010, for being willing to jump in a pool in their wedding attire : ) It was not easy for them, moving around underwater and staying afloat in heavy layers of clothes that weighed them down. Linsey’s dress was perfect- the cathedral train was beautiful and dramatic flowing in the water. And the flowers- ohh the flowers! Are they not spectacular? These were shot at Josh’s grandfathers house in Charlotte. A HUGE thank-you to Ribald Farms Nursery & Florist for their custom designs! I know that when I asked Ribald owner, Shawna, to create some bouquets specifically for an underwater shoot, it may not have been the easiest request. But they did an amazing job!

AHHHHH!!!! We’re so excited to show these to the world! Leave us lots of comments : )


LOVED Tate and Kelly’s beautiful Charleston wedding! Their ceremony and reception were held at the Creek Club at I’on in the Mt. Pleasant area of Charleston. The venue was right on the river- it was quintessentially “Charleston” with tall grass all around, a dock, and a southern, wrap-around porch surrounding the reception hall. We especially loved taking Tate and Kelly’s newlywed portraits at sunset! We snatched the couple for a few minutes during their formal, sit-down reception and captured some really beautiful and passionate moments with some gorgeous light behind them : )


Most brides have very specific ideas for their bridal portraits, very particular requests. Kelly just had one: “All I want is one decent shot.” That’s what she told us as we began her bridal session! But how could we only come away with just one? Kelly is gorgeous. Always a natural in front of the camera (especially with her now-hubby, Tate. See their Charleston engagement blog-post here). And her dress… it’s elegant, simple and elaborate all at the same time. After just 45 minutes, Kelly was happy with the images we’d shot and was ready to be done. This hardly ever happens, but every image (save a few test-shots) were really beautiful shots that we were proud of. It just goes to show, that when you pick a great venue, start the session at a time of day with good light, and stay relaxed in front of the camera, your photographer’s creativity can really flow fairly effortlessly. We don’t always need to pull out the studio equipment and make a production out of it- your session can be as simple as 4 people walking around a fancy Charleston neighborhood, making things up as we go : )

Oh yes. We definitely got asked to leave this church we were shooting at, when I showed the image below

to Kelly while we were shooting. We may have been screaming, because… I mean, look at it. She’s breath-taking!

Worth it.

This was definitely someone’s garage door!