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Monthly Archives: June 2011


Today was our first ever maternity shoot! When Shanti first asked us to take her maternity portraits several months ago, we scheduled a coffee date with her and Derrick. We had such a good time with them! We had been so used to shooting weddings and engagement/bridal portraits of clients who we would meet with for consultations first, we had become accustomed to getting to know our clients really well before they ever stepped foot in front of the camera, haha! Derrick and Shanti were great subjects to shoot- they were very natural in front of the camera. We came away with a bunch for really great shots, but here’s a few for s preview! 


We have SO been looking forward to this wedding! When we initially booked with Mike and Elizabeth, their wedding planner, Carrie Ann Drinnen of Serendipity Weddings & Events was the one who had found us and referred us. Over the many months that followed, we got to know Carrie Ann very well, and got to hear a lot about what she, Michael and Elizabeth had planned for their June uptown wedding. Michael and Elizabeth had an urban, “big city” vision for their wedding, and everything about this wedding delivered! Their ceremony and reception were held at Founder’s Hall in uptown Charlotte, a glass-ceiling, marble, upscale shopping area with a Central Park feel. The trees and fountain inside the space give the venue an outdoor feel, and together with the lush and elegant décor and accessories designed by Carrie Ann, the whole event was truly breath-taking. Everything just… worked! And we got to work with a lot of our favorite vendors! Ribald Farms created some truly beautiful floristry, inspired by Elizabeth’s taste in flowers. Isabel’s Corner did the videography, and Split Second Sound kept the party going strong all night! It was so much fun to shoot. My favorite part of the day was after the ceremony, after the family session, and after the bridal party shots were taken…. Michael and Elizabeth were so at ease with each other, so over the moon to finally be with each other after having been apart all day, and willing to spend a good long time taking newlywed photos! I had a whole hour with them, and came away with a ton of really beautiful shots. The whole event in its’ entirety was so stunning, it was nearly impossible to choose which photos to post for the preview… we ended up picking them very randomly until we felt like we had a good set that really told the story of the whole day. Enjoy! And congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Hugger!