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Monthly Archives: August 2011

70’s/ 80’s Party | Split Second Sound’s Vendor Appreciation Event

Wow… this was such a treat for us! Split Second Sound, a company os awesome wedding and event DJ’s, asked us to photograph their 70’s/80’s-themed Vendor Appreciation Event as the featured photographer of the event. Held at the beautiful Palmer Building, a 1930’s fire-house turned event-space, this party gave Charlotte wedding vendors such a good time! The centerpieces were themed around 70’s and 80’s fads: legos, disco-balls, and pac-man! There was a costume contest, judged by local celebs and delicious hors d’oeuvres. And of course, with a DJ company at the wheel of the event, the music and dancing kept guests partying in true 70’s and 80’s style! Thanks Split Second Sound, for having us be a part of such a fun event!

Isabel’s Corner Videography | Featured Vendor!

This feature is an introduction to something new we will be doing throughout the rest of the year! While we continue to blog our “helpful hints” from time to time for brides currently planning their weddings, we also know that LOTS of other vendors have helpful information and advice built up from all of their years of experience in the wedding industry as well. A few months ago, we decided to start using our blog as a platform to better educate brides on things they can do to make their wedding day go as smoothly as possible, as well as things they can do ahead of time to ensure their wedding photos will turn out the best they possibly can. We are finally getting the chance to incorporate our preferred vendors into this process, as we feature several of these vendors over the next few months. Tune in as they pose for our cameras and pass down their own words of wedding-day wisdom!

When we first met Amanda at a Christmas party for networking wedding vendors this past year, we immediately fell in love with her personality and passion for her work. Being a wife and mother, having started and built her own business from the ground up, and being so successful, she’s quite an inspiration to us. We really love working with her- she does such a great job and goes above and beyond her contracts to do the best job possible for each couple. Here is our shoot with Amanda Pagano, owner and principal videographer of Isabel’s Corner Videography!


Q: Your name is Amanda. Where did the name Isabel’s Corner come from?

A: I used to work for Hard Rock Live in Florida before my husband got a job transfer to NC… When I moved here I tried to find another job where I had the creative freedom to do what I wanted without boundaries… At around this time I had made a video of my niece, Isabel’s first year of life using only photographs. The family was amazed with what I had done and several had suggested I start my own business. So after much hemming and hawing over the idea, I decided, “What the heck! What is there to lose?” So I did! I got into wedding videography 5 years ago and decided that little Isabel was my inspiration! Hence, Isabel’s Corner Videography.

Q: What is your educational/professional background?

A: I have always wanted to go to art school… I’ve always been artistically and musically inclined! I started playing piano at age 6, and started drawing at about the same time too… Every day was dedicated to Piano, and every Art award throughout school had my name on it… LITERALLY! When I went to college, I majored in Illustration and Piano Performance. As time went on, I wondered if it was the direction I wanted to go… it wasn’t until I took a “Sound for the Screen” corse when I was attending Rhode Island School of Design that I found my passion for video. You see, I thought it was a class for SCORING films, not adding Sound Effects! I was in over my head, but I worked 10 times as hard just to catch up. I finished the next semester at RISD and then moved to FL. I continued my education at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale with a degree in Digital Media Production. I graduated top of my class and gave the Commencement Speech at graduation. My first job out of college was for Hard Rock Live. I was in charge of managing all Audio and Video aspects on the floors of the Hard Rock Hotel and in the Casino, as well as setting up for concerts and even filming an “about us” for the HRL staff. I edited a great deal of their promos for upcoming concerts and events and designed their back stage passes for each event. After HRL, I worked for a company editing television commercials and infomercials. I did not enjoy that as much. The pay was great, but the passion was starting to get sucked out of me, as I felt more like a machine than a person. I knew I would never go back to that! So, here I am! In the Carolinas doing what I LOVE to do!!!

Q: What made you decide to become a videographer?

A: Well, I think I explained above what STEPS lead me to be a videographer, but there is a little more to it then just that! I always loved watching old movies growing up… I was a huge Hitchcock fan, and I love the sappy romantics, and the old war films… there’s a lot to be appreciated there. They didn’t have the gadgets then that we do today, so a lot of their filming was quite raw! It’s back to basics where we learn lighting techniques without a $10,000+ lighting kit, or movement when we don’t have trucks, cranes, and jibs doing all the work for us. It’s some of the purest form of video… and also sometimes a reminder of just how far we HAVE come.

When it comes to the emotion… capturing Life as it happens… it takes a certain person to be able to do that. I see things others don’t see; almost because I’m looking for it. There’s something so special about the moment a man gives his daughter away… it’s that SAME raw emotion you get when the groom sees his bride for the first time… one is bittersweet, and the other is pure elation. The amount of emotions that fall on wedding day are uncountable. It’s why it’s so important to have photographers AND videographers there to capture those moments. It’s not for everyone… it’s for a certain few. That’s why it’s also important you find the right people to do it!

Q: Why should couples invest in videography for their weddings in addition to photography?

A: Both photographers and videographers alike have a job to do and that’s to tell a story. A LOT of pressure on us! Interpretation is key… what I get from a person’s wedding and the emotions I feel are going to vary from the people I”m working with. It’s human nature… it’s what makes us who we are! The obvious things are true… photographers can get the ONE photo that is Carolina Bride Cover ready and the videographer can not… But the videographer can Capture the Vows, the Toasts, the WORDS that are said, that the photographer can not… That’s all obvious. But there’s more to it than that! You want to document your day in the hands of those that not only have the SKILL, but the PASSION! People who get inspired by your wedding and translate their inspiration into a beautiful wedding album to share with friends, or a Documented video artistically thought out and put together for the children to one day enjoy! I was always curious about what my parents wedding day was like, and it’s a shame that I’ll never REALLY know. The number one regret about couples who just married is that they decided to forgo the video.

Q: What could brides and grooms do ahead of time to best prepare to be on camera?

A: Just remember to RELAX! Videos do not lie! It’s your wedding day, and so all the preparations have been made… let the cards fall where they may… accept the blunders that may happen gracefully and just Relax! Smile! Enjoy!

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