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It’s always fun photographing the wedding of two people you feel close to and adore. It’s a great honor to capture moments on a wedding day when you know not only what’s important to the bride and groom, but why. Aaron’s cousin, Josh, married sweet Linsey (a long-time friend of Brian’s family) on September 18th of last year. Aaron caught the garter at that wedding- we remember photographing it, and how Aaron wore the garter around his bicep for the rest of the evening… hehe! Indeed the tradition held true to its word, as Aaron soon-afterward proposed to Dena, and they planned their wedding for the very same weekend in 2011 as Josh and Linsey’s was in 2010! We truly fell in love with Aaron and Dena during their wedding-planning process, just as we had Josh and Linsey! They have a dog, Ruby, who is now pals with our puppy, Nahla after Brian and Aaron took them to the White Water Center for no other reason than to just hang out! We love getting to know our couples in these ways… we love feeling like we’re photographing the wedding of two of our good friends because they’ve become our good friends along the way : )

Dena’s family is Greek, and as such she planned a beautiful Greek Orthodox ceremony at Holy Trinity Greek Cathedral in Charlotte. The church was gorgeous: ornate, elaborate, and formal- the perfect backdrop for Dena’s lace, mermaid gown from Treasures Formal & Bridal. Their traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony was full of symbolism and meaning. The couple’s reception was held at Founder’s Hall in uptown Charlotte. The colors of the marble inside Founder’s was actually a really beautiful and obviously more contemporary compliment to the colors used to adorn the inside of the Cathedral. There were many traditional Greek dances (ohh yes, where everyone joins hands and dances in a circle- very fun!). Aaron and Dena also went to great effort to make sure that everything about their big day made their guests feel close to them and a part of their relationship. Their ceremony program was several pages long, outlining each part of the ceremony, its history and a summary of what each sacrament represented. Instead of table numbers, each table was named after a meaningful milestone in Aaron and Dena’s relationship, with explanations written on the table cards of why each word or phrase was signigicant. There was a table where guests could write “Happy Grams,” a tradition from the summer camp where Aaron and Dena met when they were in high school! Their cake-topper was a confederate soldier and a yankee bride, representing Aaron’s southern heritage and Dena’s northern/Bostonian roots.
It was so fun for us to know so much about this bride and groom going into the wedding day. We knew exactly what each part of the wedding, reception and decor meant and why it was important, because Aaron and Dena kept us updated and informed throughout their whole planning process! We felt like we were a part of the whole party, which gave us an invigorated inspiration while we were shooting : ) Enjoy this sneak-peak of Aaron and Dena’s wedding, y’all!

Gorgeous Dena lake-side at The Eagle’s Nest where she and her bridesmaids got ready

“Most Beautiful Church To-Date” award-winner!

No… I did not plan for them to be standing in this order. That just happened! (below)

In the Greek Orthodox marriage ceremony, crowns are placed in the bride and groom’s head, tied together with a ribbon symbolizing that their marriage will be honored in heaven. When one dies, the ribbon is cut and each partner’s is crown respectively is buried with them.

I’m getting better and better at these cross-walk shots ; )

Can you not get over this TREE-STUMP cake by The Charlotte Cake Man? It’s butter-cream frosting applied to look like tree-bark, complete with a heart carved with Aaron and Dena’s initials in it.

Both the father/daughter and mother/son dances were very heart-felt and emotional

Greek Dancing!

Check out this bride gettin’ down with the Wobble ; )

Awwwe : ) Me with TWO of my brides! (below) Dena Sept. 17, 2011 AND Linsey Sept. 18, 2010!



When Matt and Molly walked up to our booth at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Bridal Showcase, we pretty much immediately fell in love with them. They had such a sweet countenance about them. Their fun, vibrant personalities showed through the excitement on their faces as they made plans for their big day. They had great style… everything about them just screamed “people Brian and Melissa would love to work with!” We talked with them for a bit, and after they continued on their way to see the rest of the showcase, I looked at Brian and said, “If we don’t book anyone else from this show, I’ll be happy… as long as we get to shoot that couple’s wedding!” I just knew that they would do great things with their plans for their big day! And now, we do get to shoot this couple’s wedding. Here’s a sneak-peak of Matt and Molly’s engagements from our session earlier tonight. (Not gonna lie, we definitely got in trouble with some authorities for gallivanting around the train tracks, buuut anyways….) Matt and Molly, we’re just not gonna be able to contain ourselves for a whole year until next September! : )


Our final post from our feature photo-shoot with The Cordial Churchman custom hand-made bow-ties features the famous Steven and Callie Powell : ) I think out of all the weddings we’ve ever done, Steven and Callie’s gets the most positive, even admiring feedback from new clients. They had a very earthy, organic, vintage wedding on a farm. Callie’s flowy J. Crew dress had no train and a lot of beautiful texture, while Steven and his groomsmen wore dockers, dress-shirts and suspenders. Their whole look was very unconventional and off-beat, but entirely “them.” They had a 2 1/2-month engagement, and could’ve easily gone with a rental company for the men’s wedding attire out of ease, but they decided that it was important that the clothing reflect their very unique personal styles. All of Steven’s groomsmen actually wore The Cordial Churchman’s bow-ties for the wedding, which is how we initially stumbled upon Ellie and her line of bow-ties in the first place.

As I was looking for models to pose for this shoot, I had this “Steven and Callie” look in my head for the last part of the shoot. I wanted Ellie to have a couple similar to them to style with her ties to show how well her product goes with this earthy, vintage look. I truly couldn’t find anyone with a style even remotely similar style, and I realized, “I’m just gonna have to bring Steven and Callie back!” I know all of you followers of our blog are dying to see them on here again, dressed back up in all of their whimsical wedding glory ; )

If you want your groom to wear color, but still want to accent with pops of color in the accessories, gray is an excellent shade for men to wear. It’s different than the traditional white, but is still neutral enough to give an objective backdrop to the colors of your flowers etc…

Daisies are a very common flower. They’re not very popular for formal church weddings, as they don’t give off a very “formal” look or vibe. But for a more casual outdoor wedding, daisies can be appropriate. IF you’re incorporating daisies, go for a twist- select a darker shade, or a colorful hue in which they grow naturally to keep things different, but still down-to-earth.

Boutineers do not have to be floral! We experimented here with curly twigs and wheat. It gives the look of a traditional boutineer, but is a little more masculine.

Wear a colorful bow-tie and let your florist design your bouquets around the shades in the fabric!

A HUGE thank-you to Serendipity Weddings & Events for designing our floral-arrangements for us!