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When Erin and her mother first contacted us this past summer about the possibility of us photographing Erin and Chase’s wedding, we asked how they came across our website and their answer was surprising: their wedding planner, florist, and several friends (whom we did not even realize were mutual aquaintances of ours) had all referred Erin to Project:Life Photography! (This makes us truly humbled and grateful for the support of our community!)

Chase has been working for a company that had him traveling out of state quite a bit during the months leading up to the wedding, so we were not able to actually meet him until a few weeks before the wedding when we went to dinner with him and Erin… Now, up until that dinner, as we had been getting to know Erin, we thought we had her pegged pretty well: a soft-spoken sweetheart with classic taste and a reserved personality. Well, we were mostly right, but when we finally spent time with her and Chase together, we realized how different she seemed around him! It’s difficult to explain… she was at home with Chase. There was a sparkle about her demeanor that we both picked up on, and it was evident that the this couple adored each other. The two of them together just seemed so comfortable and vibrant!

On their wedding day, it was a similar story. As soon as Chase and Erin saw each other it was as if there was a completeness about each of them. As soon as they reached the alter there were no shaky hands or nervous smiles, just loving looks and excitement! It’s always encouraging to us to be reminded how perfect a couple is for each other : )

Not only did we have a blast at this wedding with such a beautiful couple, but the vendors we had to work with were all spectacular and fun to be around! Carrie Ann Drinnen of Serendipity Weddings & Events coordinated the day and made sure everything ran perfectly. Amanda Pagano of Isabel’s Corner Videography captured the day on video while Dennis from Split Second Sound DJ’d the reception and made sure everyone enjoyed a fun-filled evening. The staff at The Palisades Country Club did a superb job of hosting and serving at their gorgeous venue, and Ribald Farms Nursery & Florist designed beautiful floral arrangements incorporating Erin’s taste perfectly. Wow Factor Cakes, of course, did a stunning job on the delicious wedding cake. Enjoy our favorites from Chase and Erin’s wedding, as see a complete list of their vendors at the bottom of the post!

MARCH 31, 2012

Hair & Makeup | Salon Namon

Gown | Purchased at New York Bride & Groom

Bridal Shoes | TOMS

Florist | Ribald Farms Nursery & Florist

Ceremony Venue | Ebenezer ARP

Ceremony Coordinator/ Director | Serendipity Weddings & Events

Ceremony Musician | Laurie Neal – Violin

Transportation | Silver Fox Limo

Reception Venue | The Palisades Country Club

Reception Coordinator/ Director | Serendipity Weddings & Events

Caterer | The Palisades Country Club

Cake/ Bakery | Wow Factor Cakes

Videographer | Isabel’s Corner Videography

DJ | Split Second Sound – Dennis Mercurio


Steve and Cecile’s wedding was the third wedding we’ve shot for members of Steve’s family! We photographed the weddings of two of Steve’s nephews (Josh and Aaron) in September of 2010 and September of 2011! We were absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to capture Steve and Cecile’s beautiful wedding day, not only because we got to see their family members with whom we’ve become friends, but also because this wedding was- GORGEOUS! The wedding was held at a family home on Lake Wylie. Steve and Cecile focused their ceremony on two things: keeping their marriage focused on God, and uniting their two families by including their children in the ceremony and creating a new family unit! The reception’s muted neutral and blush tones, perfect blend of rustic wood and soft sparkle, and the dramatic ambience of the intimate, candle-lit affair added up to one consistent theme: classy! One thing in particular that really impressed us was the quality and service of the food- catering was provided in high style by Best Impressions! Guests enjoyed a fun-filled night of dancing to fun classic and party anthems played by a talented band. And the evening ended with a beautiful floating lantern send-off for the bride and groom. All in all it was a gorgeous event- so thankful we were there to experience this day with one of our favorite families : )

MARCH 30, 2012!


In May we were graced with the opportunity to shoot with model, Emily Paige! Since first meeting her 5 years ago, Emily has become a work of art: not only has she graced her body with many beautiful tattoos, covering herself in some truly gorgeous art, but she’s also modeled for magazines, clothing companies, and fashion photographers over the years- literally embodying art itself!

We styled a shoot around Emily’s look to showcase a different kind of bridal fashion. We’ve found that so many brides select such a traditional look for their bridal portraits and/or wedding day- the hair, the makeup, the dress, the flowers, the backdrop… In an effort to achieve “bridal” beauty, so many brides prematurely discount truly beautiful elements of fashion that can translate on-camera as absolutely stunning. We dressed Emily in a sheer-bodice, corset-top, ballroom wedding gown, picked the setting of parking garages around uptown Charlotte, and gave Ribald Farms Nursery & Florist the artistic license to create some unique and unexpected pieces.

While shooting with Emily, we noticed one very major difference between her and most other brides we’ve taken bridal portraits of: Emily was the picture of confidence! Walking into her bridal portrait session, most brides cannot say they have the professional modeling experience to have earned the confidence that Emily was rocking the day of our shoot with her. Confidence is key to achieving images that truly capture the essence of the subject’s personality, so we asked Emily to give us a few easy modeling tips for future brides to prepare for their bridal portrait sessions!

Emily’s Advice:

  1. Bringing along some of your favorite tunes is a good idea because there won’t be any awkward silence and you can groove or sway to the tunes. A little bit of movement is good for photos!
  2. Bringing a friend along as well can be a good idea, a gf who can make you feel comfortable as well as make you laugh so the smiles in the pictures are real and not so posed.
  3. Just be comfortable!

You heard her, brides! As much effort as you are putting into looking beautiful for pictures, put just as much effort into turning your bridal portrait session into a fun, relaxed environment so that your personality can shine through and take center-stage! If confidence is key, don’t discount any potential element of bridal fashion that will make you feel as beautiful as you look! It’s a given that you’ll be beautiful, so definitely BE YOU!