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Monthly Archives: July 2012

palisades country club wedding | ken + amber

Is this our 3rd wedding at The Palisades in 1 month, you ask? Why yes it is! Haha… and not one of them has much resembled another. Amber and Ken’s wedding stood out in the way of fun! Amber’s color-scheme of fuchsia and sangria matched her bubbly, fun-loving personality perfectly! The couple surrounded themselves with a bridal party of 28 people (14 bridesmaids and 14 groomsmen). Everyone they chose to stand with them on their special day had such fun-loving, outgoing personalities and kept us entertained throughout all of the preparations, bridal-party photos and well into the reception. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a more enthusiastic group of 14 guys dancing at a wedding 😉 You will see, in the party-shots from the reception below! All in all Ken and Amber’s wedding was a good time, very fun to shoot and certainly one we’re excited to blog- enjoy!


vow renewal at the eagle’s nest | tim + leanne

Tim and Leanne renewed their wedding vows on day of their 27th wedding anniversary, April 27th! Their lavish event was decked out in Leanne’s favorite color -pink- with classy black and silver accents! Black chandeliers added to the romantic theme. Vintage keys played a clever design element throughout the whole event, as vintage keys were placed on each guest’s chair at the ceremony, and tables were graced with framed notes of “keys to a happy marriage” instead of table-numbers. Tim and Leanne’s 2 sons, Josh and Caleb, stood at the alter as their groomsmen, and their 2 daughters, Christyn and Amber, and daughter-in-law Linsey stood at their side as their bridesmaids! The ceremony officiate had been their pastor for over 20 years, and almost every member of their original bridal party from their wedding 27 years ago was in attendance! Even their sweet flowerer girl, Ava, was the daughter of Leanne’s nephew and their original ring-bearer! What a wonderful way to celebrate a love-filled life together as husband and wife, to be surrounded by family and loved ones who’ve had such tremendous impact on their marriage. Congratulations, Tim and Leanne, on 27 years together!

APRIL 27, 2012