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Monthly Archives: May 2014


If we could only say one thing about Carolyn, we’d have to go with, “This girl must be one of the sweetest, most vibrant women on the planet!” Carolyn is such a fun person; her smile is contagious, and we fell in love with her the moment we met her. She’s an interior designer, and had a novel request for her bridal portraits: she wanted us to take them in the beautiful home of a family-friend, because she loved the home’s decor and had even designed some of it herself- the master bathroom in particular! When we arrived and Carolyn specifically pointed out the bathroom, of course we were surprised… but honestly? How often does a bride ask for photos in a bathroom?! It was a small space so we couldn’t take a whole lot of images in there, but we walked out of that bathroom with one of our most interesting bridal shots ever. The rest of the session was spent in the home’s gorgeous living room and on the stair-case, as the home’s residents scurried back and forth preparing for Carolyn’s bridal shower they were hosting the next day! It was a really fun session, an interesting challenge, and we truly love the images we came away with! Enjoy a few of our favorites from Carolyn’s bridal session!