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Monthly Archives: July 2016


When we were brainstorming a name for our photography business almost 7 years ago now, we chose Project:Life because it truly encompassed what we wanted this business to be. We knew even then that we didn’t want to limit ourselves by naming our business something that would not fit if we ever decided to transition from focusing solely on weddings. And when we really started this business, weddings were definitely our only passion. We have always done other things: families, commercial work etc…, but our bread and butter was mainly weddings. As a young-married couple ourselves, we identified well with weddings as our niche.

Until we had kids, I honestly doubted that we would ever be vehemently passionate about other types of photography. But the moment our first daughter was placed in my arms, a clock (that I didn’t even know existed) began to tick backwards. Now that we have a family of our own, Brian and I now realize how incredibly fleeting and precious time truly is. Every day is a new gift, because the moments of the day-to-day fly by too fast for us to truly grasp. They are gone faster than we can soak them in. And this realization has brought about a passion for family and lifestyle photography that we really want to take to the next level with Project:Life Photo!

We are currently designing family and lifestyle photography sessions and packages, and we’re excited to announce more details towards the end of the summer! We can’t wait to capture more moments like these, that we were blessed enough to have been able to capture for the wonderful Graham family! Jonathan and Brittney’s wedding was one of our absolute favorites of 2014, and reconnecting with them and their sweet addition (Theo) for this session was such a pleasure. Their home was lovely, and their love for one another as a family of three was so genuine… which made for some gorgeous images!

Enjoy a few of our favorites from our lifestyle session with the Graham Family!