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Monthly Archives: March 2017


If you know us even a little, you know that Brian and I are suckers for a good miracle baby 😉 We have one ourselves, and the opportunity to photograph our friends and long-time clients’ with their own, brand-new miracle baby was just too much to pass up. Josh and Linsey hired us to photograph their wedding very early in our business. Since then, they’ve sent us more friends and family than we can keep count of. They’ve been some of our biggest fans and supporters over the years, and our joy for their newest addition more than doubled when Linsey filled us in on how miraculous this pregnancy was! After having their first son, Asher, very easily, Josh and Linsey tried for a long time to have a second baby. Testing revealed that one of Linsey’s fallopian tubes was actually blocked, cutting their chances for conception in half. Josh and Linsey began praying growth over their family through a “fulfilled” exercised led by Elevation Church. Shortly after receiving those discouraging test results, Linsey began going into the doctors’ office for ultrasounds each month to see if her egg would be descending from the un-blocked tube. Just a couple of weeks after being told not to bother trying to conceive that month because an egg was stuck in the blocked tube, Linsey got a positive result on a home pregnancy test! Under the circumstances, her doctors feared the pregnancy would be ectopic. But the ultrasound showed the baby growing perfectly, and in the perfect spot! The fact that Baby Levi was conceived that month was truly a miracle! We admire the faith that Josh and Linsey had that the pull on their hearts to grow their family was from the Lord. They have been so faithful in sharing their story and attributing Levi’s life to God’s power, and we could not be more ecstatic for them as they settle in to life as a family of four! Enjoy a few of our favorites from Baby Levi’s home lifestyle session!