When Ashley first contacted us about photographing her and Ben’s wedding, her email somehow ended up in my spam folder! UGH! When I found it, a week after it was sent, I was mortified. Thankfully, when I contacted Ashley back, she was so excited to hear from us and completely understanding of the email snafu. Ever since we met her at our initial consultation, we’ve just adored her! Our one complaint is that she and Ben have been living in Chapel Hill while Ashley finished up her master’s degree in library science, and with the distance we couldn’t spend as much time with them as we would have wanted 😉 This couple is just so much fun! And their Whip-Poor-Will-Hill wedding was very fun to shoot! They incorporated a lot of unique, personal touches and a lot of detail… every aspect of the wedding felt special and it was evident that all of the guests were very touched!

Ashley glued pennies in her shoes for good luck!

Something blue (bracelet above)

(pendant below) Something borrowed

Ben and Ashley both studied English in college. They actually met at Clemson in grad school pursuing masters degrees in English.

It was only fitting that they incorporate a unique literary reading into their ceremony- a passage from the Velveteen Rabbit!

(about “becoming real” once you are loved… sniff :_) So cute!)

Hahaha this next shot was per special request of the bride and groom. Ben has an alter-ego, Prof. Shealy,

who wears glasses and stares studiously at things. (Ashley has a whole facebook album entitled “The Adventures of Prof. Shealy)

This shot is titled, “Prof. Shealy takes a wife.”   Enjoy, newlyweds!

Cutest cake I’ve seen to date! Ben and Ashley, enjoy being the “best cake” award-winners while you can,

because I’m sure LOTS of couples are going to steal this idea once they see these photos : )

Ben, you’re the only person whose ever proposed a toast to “former lovers” before- Haha!

Those were some pretty sick Michael Jackson moves (below). This guy danced the whole song “Billie Jean” in perfect rhythm, and with much enthusiasm!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Shealy!

Now that you’re moving down to our area, we’re very excited to get to know you better 🙂

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