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the ranson house bridals | dana

We are loving these adorable images from Dana’s bridal portraits at the historic Ranson House! This venue is… *gushes* …gorgeous! The architecture, the furniture and the natural light are all the perfect ingredients for a lovely bridal portrait venue. And of course Dana is just stunning so it was a match made in heaven. We had a wonderful time capturing some fun bridal images of Dana before her wedding… which is today! March 16th 🙂 We are letting her hit the “publish” button on this blog-post herself after the ceremony, so stay tuned for the images from her and Frank’s beautiful wedding day!

vintage-inspired bridals at the ranson house | erin

For her bridal portraits, Erin had a very fun vision- she wanted to stage her bridals in an old library setting a la Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face! We looked and looked for a venue with a backdrop that would fit the bill. We were having such a hard time and it wasn’t until a week before her scheduled session that Brian and I walked into the historic Ranson House and saw…. *queue choir of angels singing* …this lovely built-in bookcase! Luckily the historic home was available for Erin’s session, so Brian and I brought a bunch of our own old books from home to stage for the kind of shots that Erin wanted! We also took advantage of the house’s beautiful staircase, tin ceilings and natural light. Enjoy a few of our favorites from Erin’s bridal session at the Ranson House!

beautiful bride at the greenway | leslie

If we had to pick three words to describe Leslie in her bridal attire, those three words would have to be: elegant, glowing and… contagious! This bride was just so beautiful in an elegant gown with clean lines and glamourous detailing (not to mention the longest train we’ve EVER seen! I do believe that the train is longer than Leslie is tall). She was glowing with excitement to be all dressed up in her perfect gown, she was just bubbling over with smiles and laughter which obviously explains why she was also so contagious : ) Such a beautiful bride in a beautiful setting! And the sun went down just in time towards the end of the shoot for us to catch some beautiful sunset/ evening light with Leslie’s cathedral veil that her mom made for her! Enjoy a few of our favorites from Leslie’s bridal session!