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Over the summer, we did three underwater sessions for our portfolio. When we were thinking about who we could ask to jump in a pool in their wedding attire, Rodney and Amber were some of the first to come to mind! We photographed their wedding back in February, and in getting to know them, came to adore their adventurous and fun-loving personalities. Amber is an actress, and Rodney is a musician in the band Young Drug. Together they are an unstoppable force of personality, charisma and stage-presence! We knew they would be so much fun to shoot underwater, and were thrilled when their response was “YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!” Hahaha. Of course, when they arrived and Amber began getting her makeup done by the incredibly talented Erin of Erin Ashley Makeup, Rodney asked, “So, is it bad if I can’t swim?” He definitely had us going there for a minute, and after his mischievous grin admitted he was joking, he confessed, “I can swim… but I can’t open my eyes underwater!” That one, he actually convinced me of until well into the shoot, when I got a good look at the images and saw his eyes were open in every shot! Hahaha. We were so glad these two were willing to jump in that pool with us and create some seriously beautiful images. Thank you so much, Amber and Rodney! And of course a giant thanks to Erin Ashley Makeup for doing such an amazing and waterproof job on Amber’s makeup for us!ProjectLifePhoto_ARUW0001ProjectLifePhoto_ARUW0002ProjectLifePhoto_ARUW0003ProjectLifePhoto_ARUW0004ProjectLifePhoto_ARUW0005ProjectLifePhoto_ARUW0006ProjectLifePhoto_ARUW0007ProjectLifePhoto_ARUW0008ProjectLifePhoto_ARUW0009ProjectLifePhoto_ARUW0010ProjectLifePhoto_ARUW0011ProjectLifePhoto_ARUW0012


Yay again! More underwater fun from one of several of our underwater portfolio shoots we did over the summer. We have to give a major shout-out to Thomas and Laura for jumping in the pool with us on this one! Laura is actually a very talented wedding-planner who we’ve worked with several times over the last year. As we were brainstorming couples who we thought would be fun to do an underwater shoot with, we knew Laura would be a great person to ask because of her fun-loving personality. And when we met her husband, Thomas, for the first time as Laura was getting her makeup done, we knew we’d made a good choice! Both of their adventurous and outgoing personalities made for a great set of images from their shoot. We’re so glad they were up for the challenge (swimming in evening-wear is no joke, guys), and we’re so thankful for Erin of Erin Ashley Makeup for doing astounding waterproof makeup for us!



Yay! Finally posting some images from a really fun shoot we did over the summer! We shot this session smack-dab in the middle of June wedding craziness, just based on the availability of everyone who participated, knowing that our wedding work-load would make it difficult to get these portfolio images edited and posted since they were mostly for our own artistic experimentation. We took Jamie’s bridal portraits (which you can view here) about 2 years ago for her October 2011 wedding. She was such a natural in front of the camera, that we asked her to model for this shoot. The incredibly talented Erin Chapman of Erin Ashley Makeup did an exquisite job doing artistic underwater makeup! We photographed this session at night so that we could experiment with some new lighting techniques. We chose a gown with lots of texture that would take on a lot of visual interest underwater. Check out our favorites from this fun night-time, underwater bridal-fashion shoot!