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remembering steven | callie + steven’s maternity session

As many of you know, Brian’s brother, Steven, tragically died very unexpectedly a little over a month ago. During the week following Steven’s passing, we spent a lot of time looking through old photos we’d taken of him as we were tasked with providing photos for his memorial service. As we were looking through so many sessions where Steven made an appearance in our images, we came across these portraits we captured of him with his beautiful wife, Callie, about a month before their son Simon was born. We’d only just discovered we were pregnant with Avonlea one day before taking these photos, and with all of the major life-changes that ensued for us following this session, we never actually got around to posting these photos! But we feel like the world just needs to see them, so we’re posting them now. Gosh, we miss Steven… He was such an amazing soul, redeemed by Christ as was abundantly evident through his life! We hope that posting some of these images every now and again will remind many of us to cherish each moment we are blessed to have with our loved ones. Our tomorrows are never promised…

Please continue to keep our family in your thoughts and prayers, especially Steven’s wife and son, Callie and Simon (1 year old). We praise God for the 25 years Steven’s family was given with him, and we look forward to the day when we’ll see him again.


the powell family | kevin, beth, olivia & isabella

Wow… Looking back on this and our last several blog-posts, it blows our minds how bad we were about blogging this past fall! Sorrry, everyone, for depriving you all from this ADORABLE family/lifestyle session of Brian’s brother, Kevin, and Kevin’s sweet little family!

We met Kevin, our sister-in-law, Beth, and our two incredibly cute nieces, Olivia (4) and Isabella (2, 1/5) in a field the day before Thanksgiving at sunset to try to accomplish that which, until that day, had not been accomplished before: capture some really amazing images of the four of them as a family! Ever since Bella was born, Kevin and Beth’s lives have been pretty jam-packed! Shortly after Bella was born 16 weeks early at 15.5 oz and was kept in the hospital for the first 4 months of her life, Olivia was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. So… they’ve been a little busy : )

Isabella, who goes by “Bella,” is just a little natural in front of the camera. Girl knows how to “work it,” and pose and smile! She has a big heart, which is just so full that very often she needs to let out a good squeal. So precious and adorable in photographs!

Before Olivia’s autism was confirmed, we’d tried a few times to take more formal portraits of her and didn’t do so hot. Not to say, at all, that Olivia didn’t do well in front of the camera- Brian and I just had no idea that taking photos of Olivia would need to be approached in a slightly different way than would photographing a child without autism. Because of her brilliant scientific mind and her passionate love for her family, she likes to be the one taking photos and telling people to “say cheese” if ever she lays eyes on a camera. She loves to experiment, figure out what all of the buttons do and see the immediate fruition of creating a photograph ; ) We did a little research beforehand this time, and discovered that there are actually photographers out there who’s sole subjects are children with special needs, because it is such a specialized demand. We read up and found out more about how to capture Olivia’s strengths and her sweet spirit on-camera in a more autism-compatible way, and the session went beautifully!

These images are a series we’re totally proud of, celebrating these girls’ curiosity and enthusiasm for life and the love within their family. They were a blast to capture! Check out a few of our favorites from Kevin, Beth, Olivia and Isabella’s family/lifestyle session!