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This shoot has a couple of stories behind it. To start off, 2 days ago, Brian and I were driving along a Fort Mill thoroughfare when my gaze was caught by… an excellent tree. Seriously. This tree was legit. We were running a ton of delivery errands that day to clients and had 3 consults as well, so we ended up passing this tree several times and each time, we just couldn’t get over how awesome it was. Now (story #2), Owen and Heather are wonderful friends of ours, both very talented and passionate about music- they met in the music department at Winthrop, and have a really neat opportunity, during this time in their lives as music students, to perform together and share each others’ passion. So… the same evening we had seen this awesome tree a bunch of times, we went to a launch party for Owen’s new CD, Come On, Heart. As he and Heather sang together at the party, performing a few songs from the album, Brian and I looked at each other and said, “we need to photograph them in front of that tree!” So, we asked them to model and they agreed! Owen and Heather, you guys are so talented, awesome together, and pretty cute too : ) We love you guys!