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Derrick & Shanti | Maternity Session at Glencairn Garden!

Today was our first ever maternity shoot! When Shanti first asked us to take her maternity portraits several months ago, we scheduled a coffee date with her and Derrick. We had such a good time with them! We had been so used to shooting weddings and engagement/bridal portraits of clients who we would meet with for consultations first, we had become accustomed to getting to know our clients really well before they ever stepped foot in front of the camera, haha! Derrick and Shanti were great subjects to shoot- they were very natural in front of the camera. We came away with a bunch for really great shots, but here’s a few for s preview! 

Underwater Bridal Trash the Dress | Josh & Linsey

MOST. FUN. SHOOT. ever. We have been acting like little kids all week, anxiously awaiting this shoot! A very special thanks to Josh and Linsey, one of our couples whose wedding we shot in September of 2010, for being willing to jump in a pool in their wedding attire : ) It was not easy for them, moving around underwater and staying afloat in heavy layers of clothes that weighed them down. Linsey’s dress was perfect- the cathedral train was beautiful and dramatic flowing in the water. And the flowers- ohh the flowers! Are they not spectacular? These were shot at Josh’s grandfathers house in Charlotte. A HUGE thank-you to Ribald Farms Nursery & Florist for their custom designs! I know that when I asked Ribald owner, Shawna, to create some bouquets specifically for an underwater shoot, it may not have been the easiest request. But they did an amazing job!

AHHHHH!!!! We’re so excited to show these to the world! Leave us lots of comments : )

Ribald Farms | Vendors We ♥!

We love Ribald Farms Nursery & Florist! They are so creative, and produce truly incredible floristry. It’s seriously so much fun to photograph a wedding when the flowers are fun, creative and real. Silk flowers usually come in colors that, although seem close, are not the true hues found in nature. When photographing detail-shots of wedding details (shoes, accessories, centerpieces…. flowers!) we use lenses with a shallow, clear and precise focus; the fibers and fabric of silk flowers can look like, well, fabric. We’ve had to, from time to time, synthetically blur images in post-production to hide this. Occasionally, silk flowers can be used is some very tasteful ways to make an artistic statement. However, the #1 reason we get from clients as to why they use silk flowers, is that they don’t have a big budget, so they don’t even bother to get a quote from a florist because silk flowers are cheaper. This is a myth! I would challenge brides who are planning their weddings, even on a shoe-string budget, to invest a little research into real flowers. Silk flowers can be just as (if not more) expensive than real flowers, and real flowers have the advantages of: a> being cost-effective when you have an experienced florist… b> looking amazing in your photographs without your photographer having to re-touch your detail-shots… c> smelling awesome (smell is the sense that best triggers memory, so the smell of fresh flowers can remind you of the happiness of your wedding day for years to come)… and finally d> a very classy appearance at your wedding!

Whether you’re debating between real and silk flowers for your wedding, or are in the market for an incredible florist, you should schedule a consultation with Ribald Farms! They are amazing at what they do, offer wonderful customer service, and are a dream to work with as another vendor!

Last week, Shawna (owner of Ribald Farms) called me, asking if Brian or I were available to come by and snap some images for them of some product they were putting together for a bridal show, as well as some fun new garden product they just got in. Luckily, Brian happened to be driving by the shop, and was able to take some photos for them! Here are a few, so you can have a glimpse of what Ribald Farms has to offer : )

…and here are some of Ribald’s adorable new garden product!