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It Just Has to be Done Sometimes… Raising Our Prices

Every 3-4 months or so, the status of our little business here changes. It always changes in a good way, praise the Lord! We’ve been continually blessed beyond belief in our endeavor to pursue photography as our career, and each new stage we enter into is always new and exciting. Along with each stage, however, comes a lot of reevaluation, a lot of number-crunching, a lot of math (bleh). Now Brian and I have been investing a good 40+ hours per week into this business over the last few months, which is awesome, because that means that we have graduated from being “part-time, on-the-side” photographers, to technically full-time photographers. However, the income we’re earning from our photography business is not enough for us to quit our day-jobs.

So… we have to do it. We’ve really enjoyed our run of being priced so low for the value and service we provide. We’ve had a number of high-end photographers tell us (some half-jokingly, some bluntly, hahaha) that our pricing is difficult to compete with, given what we offer (which was very flattering, can’t lie). But, with the amount of effort we’re putting into what was once our “little” business, we both realize that this has become something more than “little.” (Mind  you, Brian works 40 hours per week at his day-job, so he’s been pulling 70 and 80-hours per week recently!) We feel that it would not be a wise stewardship of the incredible blessings the Lord has poured into this business, if we continued to charge so little that we had to keep our day-jobs, and exhaust ourselves working multiple jobs to the point where our creativity and organization in photography actually begins to suffer. So, all that to say, we’re raising our prices.

Of course, we will never stop utilizing photography as a means by which to minister to those in need. And we’ve completely restructured our packages. We’ve rearranged a lot of the inclusions, and added a lot of new products to most of the packages. We’ve even added a new package! We did our absolute best to make sure that we offer packages that work for everyone, applicable to a wide range of budgets, preferences, and needs. As of April 1st, our packages will begin at $2,300. Throughout the 5 different packages we will offer, coffee table books and leather albums are available, and clients can tailor many of them to their specific needs with different customizable accessory options. We will always include a disk of retouched image-files, 2 photographers and an online proofing and purchasing gallery!

One big thing that will be changing along with the general pricing and package structures: we are not going to book certain smaller packages too far in advance. Other photographers do this, and we never thought we’d have to. But we’ve experienced quite a loss by not making this our policy, and we feel like it would be the most wise stewardship of our talent and energy to make it our policy now. We are still mulling over how far is too far in advance, but we will have all the details in the pricing section of our website on April 1st.

Of course, if you’ve already booked with us your pricing is locked in. If you book us before April 1st, you can still receive current pricing. Thank you all, so much, for your faithful patronage and understanding! We are constantly humbled by all of your support, and cannot wait to see what’s in store for Project:Life!

~Brian & Melissa

Owen & Heather | In ♥! (Just Because)

This shoot has a couple of stories behind it. To start off, 2 days ago, Brian and I were driving along a Fort Mill thoroughfare when my gaze was caught by… an excellent tree. Seriously. This tree was legit. We were running a ton of delivery errands that day to clients and had 3 consults as well, so we ended up passing this tree several times and each time, we just couldn’t get over how awesome it was. Now (story #2), Owen and Heather are wonderful friends of ours, both very talented and passionate about music- they met in the music department at Winthrop, and have a really neat opportunity, during this time in their lives as music students, to perform together and share each others’ passion. So… the same evening we had seen this awesome tree a bunch of times, we went to a launch party for Owen’s new CD, Come On, Heart. As he and Heather sang together at the party, performing a few songs from the album, Brian and I looked at each other and said, “we need to photograph them in front of that tree!” So, we asked them to model and they agreed! Owen and Heather, you guys are so talented, awesome together, and pretty cute too : ) We love you guys!

Stephen & Erica | Styled Shoot!

Fun “Styled Shoot” today with Stephen & Erics Crotts! Erica’s accessories were designed by Embee, and Stephen’s bow-tie by The Cordial Churchman. The beautiful bouquet was custom-designed by Ribald Farms Nursery & Florist! Makeup by Sarah Lambert. Sneek Peak for now! Stay tuned for  more later 😀