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  • As photographers who primarily specialize in weddings, we have an event nearly every weekend and so are only available for portrait sessions on weekdays.
  • We are primarily natural light photographers, and as such prefer to schedule your session to begin an hour and a half to two hours prior to sunset in order to capture light in a way that is most reflective of our style.
  • If your session will be taking place indoors, timing needs to be discussed with Brian and Melissa in advance before arrangements are made with the venue.
  • In the event of inclement weather, a decision will need to be made the night before the session as to whether or not it will be necessary to reschedule.
  • It is important that you arrive on-time to your session, so that we can maximize our session-time while the lighting is best.
  • Expect your session to last around an hour and a half.



  • The location for your session is your responsibility to ultimately select and make arrangements with. We can offer a list of suggestions to assist you in this process.
  • We recommend selecting a location with a similar aesthetic/ feel to your wedding venue or design style. Add variety to the images that will be taken on your wedding day by selecting a location separate from your wedding venue.
  • Check to see if your selected location requires an appointment for your session, and also make sure to inquire about any session fees they may charge. This cost is not included in the cost of your session with Project:Life Photography.
  • Make sure we will be allowed to shoot at your selected location during the proper time of day.



  • Ladies are strongly encouraged to have hair and makeup professionally styled prior to the session. Professional stylists are experienced in applying makeup in a way that will photograph most naturally, and having your hair professionally done will eliminate nerves and give you a confidence that will overpower any camera-shyness!
  • If having eyebrows shaped professionally, have them waxed or threaded about 2 days before the session.
  • Nails should be neatly manicured for ring-shots.
  • Stay away from self-tanners or any new skincare products during the weeks leading up to your session!
  • Professional spray-tans are not recommended within three weeks of your session.



  • If you’re in question as to what to wear during your session, you can certainly bringing a variety of items (clothing and accessories) to the session so that we can assist you in making final outfit selections that will look best on-camera.
  • While jewel-tones and earth-tones tend to consistently flatter most people, it’s more important that you feel comfortable and attractive in your wardrobe, because this confidence will allow for much more genuine and natural interaction with your fiancé, us and the camera. So if your favorite outfit that you feel most attractive in is a flat/ primary color, bring it!
  • Make sure that all wardrobe items are properly dry-cleaned, ironed and/ or hung before your session.



  • Bringing props to further style your session can be a great option to showcase who your are as a couple. Prop selections should be discussed with Brian & Melissa in detail prior to your session.
  • Bring any props in a separate bag or box that can easily travel during the session.
  • Bring any food, beverages or other perishable props in a cooler or a container that will keep them fresh-looking.
  • Various vintage furniture items are available for rent from Old South Vintage Rentals and River Kiss Weddings.
  • Pets are welcome to be incorporated into your session. Please have your pet(s) properly groomed before the day of the session and sufficiently exercised immediately prior to your session!
  • If you are incorporating your pet, please make sure his/ her collar and leash is a neutral color, or a color that will not clash with your wardrobe.



  • Bring chap-stick and/or lip-gloss (something that is not thick or sticky)
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day of the session and bring a water-bottle
  • Make sure you eat a light snack before your session if you are prone to “hanger” 😉



  • Your edited proofs will be available for viewing no less than 2 weeks after your session via an online gallery.
  • Prints and individual digitals are available a la carte at an additional cost. A download-code for all edited digitals is also available at an additional cost.


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