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Brandon and Loring’s church wedding and Dairy Barn reception was the perfect event to end our 2017 wedding season with! Loring paid immaculate attention to her Client Wedding Guide as she planned their big day, so the flow of the day was smooth sailing! The church were their ceremony took place did not allow photography during the service, but the gorgeous architecture made for a beautiful backdrop for the first look and portraits. The Dairy Barn was all lit up for the Holidays, the perfect atmosphere for the fun-filled reception Brandon and Loring wanted! Everything went spectacularly and the whole day was filled with such joy, it was the most perfect wedding to wrap up the year with. Enjoy a few of our favorites from Brandon & Loring’s wedding!


10 years ago today, two very cool things happened: 1) Tim and Heather said “I Do,” and stepped forward into a future they couldn’t have possibly predicted that day! Fast forward 1 decade, 4 pregnancies, 1 miscarriage, 3 biological children, 2 adopted children and 1 knock-down battle with Lyme’s disease later, Tim and Heather have built a beautiful life and family together that stands as a testament to Christ and his love. 2) Theirs wedding was the first wedding Brian was ever hired to photograph! It was before I came into the picture, but Tim and Heather were the catalyst that launched a passion in Brian that would turn out to support our family for the first of our marriage. It only made sense that, when last we had a good snow here in Rock Hill, we met up with Heather and Tim for a itty bitty anniversary session to celebrate the commitment they made 10 years ago to one another. And I just feel like I need to put this out there: Heather had just had a baby, mere months before these photos were taken! And she got her wedding gown on herself. And looked amazing. If that doesn’t deserve a medal, I don’t know what does! Enjoy a few of our favorites from Tim and Heather’s 10th Anniversary portrait session!


Kevin and Alexa’s wedding was a dream. It was a very cold, windy dream 😉 But I would rather re-live that feeling where I truly believe my fingers will fall off of my hands again and again if we could also re-live the love that took place that day. Friends and family gathered in Roan Mountain, TN for a relaxed, fun weekend with the couple and their bridal party. Guests stood and watched the ceremony from a distance as Kevin, Alexa and their bridesmaids and groomsmen stood on an overlook with the Tennessee mountain landscape. Vows were exchanged in the chilly mountain air, and the laid-back celebration was held at a nearby cabin. Not a moment went by that wasn’t heavy with genuine happiness from all in attendance! Enjoy a few of our favorites below from Kevin and Alexa’s rustic Roan Mountain wedding day!