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This shoot was quite a feat of accomplishment! I began planning this styled shoot in January of 2016, and planned to shoot it in February of 2016. I lined up models (former wedding clients, Joel + Kayla Bowen), and vendors and began collecting details for a late Feb. shoot at Fenland Christmas Tree Farm when our daughter, Avonlea, had to be rushed to Levine Children’s Hospital the week before we planned to shoot! She ended up staying at Levine for over a week, so we postponed the shoot and it was a good thing too, because I ended up going into labor 4 weeks early with our little Violet just 3 days after Avonlea came home from Levine! Finding an alternative date proved difficult, and the shoot kept getting pushed back and back until September! By the time the date was finalized, a couple of the vendors who had been willing to participate originally were unavailable. New Creations Flowers stepped in at the very last minute the week of the final shoot-date with gorgeous flowers! Velo Creative overnighted stationary, and final pieces of wardrobe and decor were pieced together just days before the shoot. But it all came together beautifully! We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and we were absolutely thrilled when the shoot was published on Borrowed & Blue, a national wedding style blog, as well as Bustl’d, a wedding blog local to the Charlotte area!
Christmas wedding at golden hour, featuring elegant 2-piece gold sequined gown. Romantic holiday styled shoot at Christmas tree farm. Modern gold centerpieces, mercury glass, antler florals and cinnamon stick garnishes. Christmas wedding at golden hour, featuring elegant 2-piece gold sequined gown. Romantic holiday styled shoot at Christmas tree farm. Modern gold centerpieces, mercury glass, antler florals and cinnamon stick garnishes.projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0003projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0004projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0005projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0006projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0007projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0008projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0009projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0010projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0011projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0012projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0013projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0014projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0015projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0016projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0017projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0018projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0019projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0020projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0021projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0022projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0023projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0024projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0025projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0026projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0027projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0028projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0029projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0030projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0031projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0032projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0033projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0034projectlifephoto_christmasstyledshoot0035



Ben and Cynthia’s engagement session was so lovely. We shot during the last weekend in October (always my favorite weekend of the fall… this may or may not have something to do with the fact that it’s always our wedding anniversary weekend), and the weather was perfect. Our girls played quietly off to the side with their grandma as we captured these images of Ben and Cynthia in preparation for their June 2017 wedding. We chatted about how excited we all are for their wedding day BBQ, the church ceremony Cynthia has always dreamed of. It was such a joy to get to know them and get even more excited for their big day. Enjoy a few of our favorites from Ben and Cynthia’s engagement session.

ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0001 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0002 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0003 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0004 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0005 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0006 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0007 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0008 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0009 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0010 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0011 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0012 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0013 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0014 ProjectLifePhoto_BenCynthia0015