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Laura and Ross are two of just the sweetest people there ever were. To be a part of the day they became one was truly an honor! We had never met them before they booked with us, but from our initial meeting we knew we were going to get along great with them. Their engagement session was super fun, because they are super fun people. Laura’s bridals were a delight to capture, because she is genuinely a delight!

Just after their engagement session, we discovered that our baby on the way at the time, sweet Avonlea, had some heart and kidney problems and might need surgery after birth. I vividly remember posting to Facebook about this discovery, very fearful for what was to come. Well Laura is a nurse, and was working at Levine Children’s Hospital at the time. She took the time after seeing my post to message me and let me know that she worked, of all places, on the heart & kidney floor of the hospital, so if our Avie ended up needing surgery after delivery, she would take good care of her! I remember feeling so much comfort from that sweet thought of hers to reach out and let us know that! She and Ross even sent Avonlea an adorable onesie 🙂

We’ve seriously had a wonderful time getting to know them and had an absolute blast capturing this beautiful Winston Salem wedding day. Everything was so beautiful, including the new Mr. & Mrs. Howard! Enjoy a few of our favorites from Ross and Laura’s wedding day!



We are so incredibly honored to have been published on the cover of Charlotte Wedding Magazine‘s April-June 2014 issue! CWM’s art director arranged for our lovely cover-bride, Caitlin, to come out from California and dawn her grandmother’s wedding dress again at the Ballantyne Country Club for a special cover-shoot! They had mock-ups of possible cover lay-outs and specific parameters for the shoot, so it was very different from the typical bridal session where variety is important to keep in mind. We spent a lot of time trying to capture Caitlin dappled in glowy sunset light, but at the end of the shoot we grabbed a shot in front of some beautiful greenery that set of the vintage details of her gown so beautifully. Also, I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with Avonlea the day we photographed this session! It was a little unnerving for everyone involved, scheduling this very important shoot just 10 days prior to my due-date 😉 The lovely Diane Personett of as well as Kisha Whitney were both on stand-by, just in case my water broke before or during the shoot. We’re so thankful for sweet friends who would be willing to do that! It was still super-fun, and wonderful to see Caitlin, her family, and the ever-so-talented Erin of Erin Ashley Makeup again!