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Tim and Lauren’s sweet wedding ceremony and fun reception took place at a venue we’ve never shot at before, Il Bella Gardens. We really loved the site! It was beautiful, and the staff was extremely accommodating. Of course, since Ribald Farms did Lauren and Tim’s flowers, the floristry was impeccable. Tim and Lauren opted to do a “first look” before the wedding, which was really sweet! Lauren walked up behind Tim in a hidden clearing near their ceremony site and reached around from behind him and covered his eyes. When he turned around and saw his bride, the looks on both of their faces were so genuinely happy… we wish more couples took the opportunity to have that moment before the ceremony, free from hundreds of pairs of eyes watching. It can be so much more intimate, and in no way does a first-look diminish the walk down the aisle. Tim and Lauren used one of our favorite caterers, Ida Roselle’s! They catered our wedding- amazing food : ) All in all, Tim and Lauren’s wedding was a blast, there were just too many images to choose from for this preview


Steven + Callie | Whip-Poor-Will Hill Wedding!