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Oh man. What an adventure! Brian and Karine’s destination wedding in NJ was 1 weekend, 24 combined driving hours (several of those in DC traffic lol), 1 flat tire,  1 second-shooter (my wonderful friend Julia of Amore Vita Photography), and ultimately 3 crazy but fun days of working with one of the sweetest couples on earth! Brian has been a friend of our family for many years. He moved to Louisville, KY to attend Southern Seminary, and met Karine when they were neighbors and both working in ministry. They spent many months getting to know each other as friends, unable to discuss the possibility of dating due to the obligations of Karine’s internship. But the minute her internship was over (literally, the minute), they had a relationship-defining talk and soon after, Brian proposed! We met Karine for the first time here in South Carolina, when Brian brought her to town after their engagement. A few months later, we got to take their rainy-day engagement photos while we were in Louisville 3 weeks before their wedding for Michael and Melissa’s wedding! And in July, I got to capture their sweet, backyard wedding in Karine’s hometown in New Jersey. It was blazing hot, but such a wonderful day regardless. It was beautiful to see how perfectly each of them fit in with the other’s friends and family. It was encouraging to see so many friendly faces in a brand new place. And it was an absolute blast to watch the Charleston Southern crew breaking it down HARD on the dance floor (as they do). We’re so thrilled for these two, and know they’re meant for great things. Enjoy some of our favorites from Brian and Karine’s wedding!



In the Charlotte, NC area, we usually only see snow about once or twice each year… and even then, it’s only a couple of inches. But every time the forecast calls for snow, we put out a casting-call on our Facebook page for a bride to get dressed up in her dress again for some snowy bridals for our portfolio. Every time we put it out there, we get a few raised-eyebrows and a few texts expressing vague interest, but no takers! It’s understandable… who wants to put on an expensive and most likely sleeveless gown and hang out in the freezing cold for longer than, like, 5 minutes? Well… this winter, Brian’s sister, Colleen, agreed to be on-call, ready and willing to dawn a wedding gown and let us snap some snowy bridal shots of her should we get a really good snow. And as most of you know, we got QUITE the snow this past week! And this time, we were prepared. We’d found a gorgeous long-sleeve vintage wedding dress at a thrift-store about a month ago and snatched it up! It serendipitously fit Colleen perfectly. Once we had the dress, we considered just going to the mountains for the shoot as the weeks droned on with no snow in sight. We began brainstorming how to style the session, and the style and structure of the down led us to a wintery “Snow White” theme… more like Snow White & the Huntsman than the Disney cartoon, of course! This inspired us to track down some jewelry that makes one think, “Mirror Mirror!” and a luxurious fur wrap. We meant to get more together and schedule a firm date to traipse up to the mountains (like some customized stationary and a bouquet), but once it began snowing gorgeously right here in our hometown, we decided to go just for it. I did Colleen’s hair and makeup, and we spent the longest 20-30 minutes of her life take gorgeous Snow-White-inspired bridal images in the middle of a gorgeous snow-flurry, lol! This girl was such a trooper, and we were able to get some breathtaking shots that captured our Snow White Bridal vision beautifully. Enjoy a few of our favorites from our session with Colleen!