So… you’ve been inspiration-scouting on Pinterest and Style Me Pretty for wedding ideas and, of course, all of the photos on Pinterest feature stunning table-ware. Admit it: you’ve seen it… and you want it. “But,” you say to yourself, “finding enough of that stunning table-ware to accommodate my guest list would take so much time and energy that I don’t have- so many teeny-tiny details just on my tables alone, and I still have to worry about x, y, z….” Ummm. Stop right there! LOOK AT THOSE GORGEOUS TABLE-SCAPES! Those photos have been re-pinned 37 times because this look of real china is beautiful, the essence of Southern charm and hospitality, and the epitome of class and sophistication! Imagine your each of your guests walking into your reception space to find their name-card perched on a beautiful, authentic china place-setting… how special, honored and valued they would feel!

This is why The Gracious Table Co. exists: To honor the celebrations, gatherings and, well, life that happen around the table by gracing it with something real and beautiful! They offer specialty-rentals of mix-and-match fine-china, stemware, silverware, custom table-linens and table-accessories! Owners Gary & Cheryl Reynolds understands the love that is shared across the table on a wedding-day and have made it their mission to capture its essence by providing a one-stop-shop for brides who want to wow their guests with breath-taking table-scapes.

I know this first-hand, because I know the owners pretty well ; ) They’re none other than my sweet parents! Growing up, it was always extremely important to both of them, especially my mom, that we eat dinner as a family, every night, off of “real” plates and silverware (Seriously. She has always- and still does- apologize to us on the nights we used/use paper plates for dinner, hehe). My brother and I never understood it then as children, why we always had to create so much work for ourselves by eating off of “real dishes” all the time (table-setting and dish-duty were chores on at least one of our chore lists on-and-off throughout the years lol). But it was important to Mom that we understood that that time we spent around the table as a family was special, worth the extra time and elbow-grease! And now she’s turned her passion for quality dish-ware and quality time around the table into a brand-new business venture!

Check out her website here, and check out their facebook here! Also view just some of her inventory below. The Gracious Table Co. currently features 4 different collections of mix-and-match pieces: Bridal (white & off-white), Tuxedo (black & white), Vintage, and Woodland! As of the beginning of the year, they are accepting only a select number of wedding and event commissions as they continue to build their already extensive inventory, ease their way into the industry, and learn what works best for them!

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